There’s a lot to be positive about in the Snowy Valleys and we are seeking investors to share in our success.

What we do well:

  • We have a strong and resilient economy producing around $1 billion in gross revenue product.
  • Our economy is supported by a highly capable and adaptive workforce.
  • We are adventurous people that have benefited from thinking big and committing to making big game-changing projects work.
  • We host the majority of the power generation for Snowy Hydro.
  • We are home to one of the biggest softwood plantations in the Southern hemisphere. We host large scale timber milling and production operations, including Visy, Hyne and AKD.
  • Snowy Valleys is home for the renowned Batlow Apples and we produce a range of premium stone fruits, cherries and blueberries.
  • We have some of the best grazing country in Australia and we are producers of fine wool, beef and lamb.
  • We host large scale health and support care service providers, including Valmar.
  • This is all underpinned by a high quality infrastructure and a temperate climate.

What we are aiming for new investments to support:

  • Improving the resilience of our economy by welcoming new investors and industries.
  • Making the most of our emerging opportunities, such as the development of Snowy 2.0, implementation of Inland Rail and buoyant tourism.
  • Leveraging our opportunities as a cool climate environment that can support increased agricultural production despite climate change effects.
  • Development our local business capabilities through skill development, attracting new thinking and supporting new industries.
  • Provide more and a greater diversity of job opportunities to attract and retain talent, particularly youth.
  • Making the most of our growing investment in enabling infrastructure. Our infrastructure investment program is currently at an all-time high, providing a platform for growth.
  • Providing improved experiences and attractions for our visitors.
  • Growing our population to provide increased opportunities.

What we can provide investors:

  • Positive partnerships across government, business, education providers and the community.
  • A positive and open-minded Council.
  • Strong existing industries to work with and learn from.
  • A highly capable workforce.
  • High quality road network.
  • Low living costs.
  • High quality utility infrastructure.
  • Lots of available and affordable land.
  • Reliable access to water and power.
  • Proactive and supportive planning/development services.
  • An enviable lifestyle with lots of natural attractions.
  • Friendly and fun communities.
  • Temperate climate that is responding well to change.
  • Increasing activity levels through Snowy 2.0 and other big developments.
  • High quality schools and education facilities, including two new hospitals being delivered in Tumbarumba and Tumut (Tumut is in the planning phase).

If you are interested in investing in the Snowy Valleys, or you would like to get some more information to support your investment planning, contact contact Kylie Bradley – Coordinator Economic Development on 02 6948 9118 or