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Our regions’ waterways, hiking & cycling trails, and snowfields make it easy to get out and experience nature. Whether it’s a calm and relaxing stroll under leafy trees, kayaking the white-water, or cycling through state forests, we love getting out in the great outdoors.

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Truly one of Australia’s great national parks, Kosciuszko encompasses most of Australia’s snow-covered areas, snowgum woodlands, grassy plains, pioneer huts, and spectacular caves and limestone gorges.

The park includes Mt Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia at 2228m and the headwaters of the famous Snowy River. Originally a State Park set aside in 1944, the 690,000 hectares became a National Park under the management of NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in 1967.

Gang Gang Cockatoo

Image: Les Main – Tumut

It is an area of enormous natural diversity and offers many recreational opportunities. Bushwalking, camping, skiing, horse riding, fishing and mountain biking are just some of the activities on offer.

For comprehensive information on Kosciuszko National Park click here, and for safety information click here.

Image: Kayaking Khancoban – Tourism Snowy Mountains

The diversity of landscape and climate makes the Snowy Valleys a perfect place for Birdwatching (or “birding” as enthusiasts call it), with over 200 species of bird recorded just in the Australian Alps Key Biodiversity Area alone. Although we do not have an exclusively endemic species in the Snowy Valleys, there are many species that make themselves fairly easy to locate, view and enjoy. Spring, summer and early autumn are of course the best time to see birds with many species migrating here to breed. These include many species of honeyeaters, cuckoos, kingfishers, dollarbirds, robins, water birds and more. These migrants join our locals, the many rosellas, parrots and cockatoos, the finches, robins and fairywrens, and the majestic birds of prey, along with the more common kookaburras, magpies, ravens & crows, magpie larks and willie wagtails that are just about always visible in the region.

Local favourites include the Gang Gang Cockatoo, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Crimson Rosella, Flame Robin, Superb Fairywren and Superb Lyrebird. These can be found in key birding locations such as Tumut Wetlands, Wereboldera Conservation Area, Ellerslie Conservation Reserve, Thomas Boyd Trackhead, Tumut State Forest, and Yarrangobilly Caves Walk.

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Paddy’s River Falls

Paddy’s River Falls has long been a popular spot for locals and is becoming a must-see site for visitors. Lookouts located a short walk from the parking area provide perfect...

Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins

The Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins is a state listed heritage industrial site. Situated 1.5 kilometres from Adelong, and just over 20 kilometres from Tumut, it is a must see...

Adelong Falls Walk

The Adelong Falls walk from the town centre begins at the Adelong Alive Museum on the main street, leading to Travers Street and from there follows along the stunning Adelong...

Argalong Trail Rides

Argalong Trail Rides are a perfect way to enjoy the natural scenery and wildlife of Argalong ranges, located in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains and only a short drive...

Black Perry Lookout

Black Perry lookout is an excellent place for perspective, giving you a real sense of the expansive wilderness areas in Kosciuszko National Park’s north. Pull in from Snowy Mountains Highway...

Blowering Cliffs Walking Track

This walk to Blowering Falls starts from the carpark at the bridge over Snowy Mountains Highway, near Log Bridge Creek picnic area and campground. The track sets off along a...

Blowering Dam

Famous as the site of the world water-speed record in 1978, Blowering Dam is one of the biggest dams in NSW. At three times the size of Sydney Harbour, Blowering...

Braymont Gardens

Home of the massive hedge/tree church nestled in the vineyard with magnificent views of Round Mountain, Jagungal and Blackjack this six acre Open Garden with 100 Manchuria Pear driveway was...

Clarke Gorge walking track

As you hike through the narrow gorge cut by Cave Creek, spectacular limestone cliffs, and cave formations on either side, you’ll never imagine that Clarke Gorge walking track could get...

Flea Creek Picnic Area

Pack a picnic and spend the day relaxing by the Goodradigbee River at Flea Creek picnic area. Enjoy a spot of birdwatching, fishing and swimming. Surrounded by the Brindabella mountains,...

Fly Fishing Tumut

Tumut Fly Fishing offers lessons, instructors and guides for all levels and all ages. Enjoy fly fishing in the Snowy Mountains! Tours are available all year round, with guides of...

Hume and Hovell Track – Henry Angel Trackhead

The Henry Angel Trackhead is a popular camping area with quality facilities including electric and gas barbecues. It is located around nine kilometres from the town of Tumbarumba on the...

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