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Pure, fresh cold climate wines. Connection with nature. Love of family and people. These are the qualities that underpin what Mount Tumbarumba Vineyard is all about. Doing things with heart, doing them well and sharing this with others.

Surrounded by hills and located just over 1 km from the picturesque town of Tumbarumba, Richard and Elvie welcome you to their vineyard that they planted in the late 1980s on land that has been in the family for over 100 years. Richard, a qualified viticulturist and teacher of wine growing, loves to share his expertise and point out what is happening in the vineyard (you may get to taste grapes close to vintage). Elvie loves to host visitors to the vineyard and shares stories about their wine journey and the region.

Tasting wines at the vineyard is a treat that will tantalise all your senses. Discover the magic behind cold climate wines. Book a wine tasting with Richard, Elvie and their family. Like their wines their hospitality is pure and fresh – they know about growing grapes, they know about wine and they have many stories to share.

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