Discover Snowy Valleys

There’s a place – tucked away past the mountains, but before the plains – that still runs to the rhythms of the seasons. A place that is covered in pure, fluffly white snow on the slopes at Mount Selwyn in Winter. Where you have to wait for the snow to melt into crystal clear streams perfect for fly-fishing in Spring. A place where we wait for the frosts to finish for the harvest of the grapes, that make multiple award winning cool-climate wines. A place that turns to a golden array of colours in Autumn as the leaves change colour before falling bare. But that’s the beauty of true seasons – while you’re waiting for the next one, you can enjoy the joys of the one you’re in. Snowy Valleys – Always in Season. So come, visit the Snowy Valleys – and find out what’s in-season.

Plan Your Trip

Make the drive to the Snowy Valleys, and experience life at a different pace. Our trip planner will help you to craft a Snowy Valleys adventure unique to your desires. As you browse the wonders between the mountains and the plains, add them to your wish list and let the Trip Planner design an itinerary just for you.

Inspiration for your next visit

For time immemorial, wanderers have climbed our mountains, explored our valleys, and fished in our crystal-clear streams as the seasons dictated. For a taste of some of these experiences, check out some of these below and start planning your trip to the Snowy Valleys.

Courabyra Wines

Courabyra Wines

Courabyra Wines is a family-owned and operated vineyard nestled in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, producing some of the finest cold-climate wines. The award-winning wines are the result of…
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