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This is a hosted stay through Hipcamp, below is the information provided by the Host regarding their offering.

Our story starts in Far North Queensland, when a german backpacker, me :), met an aussie fisherman, Craig. To cut the long story short, after several years of distant relationship and living together in Germany we decided to move back to Australia. We had a vision, trying to find our perfect place to live. Starting out with a car, a camper trailer and two bags we travelled from North Queensland down to Tasmania. Looking for a place to live. On our way through Tumbarumba everything started to unfold and we fell in love with our property. The feel, the experience and the climate. This was it! We’ve found our perfect place and finally named it “Creal’s Rest” which has two meanings for us. Obviously from our name, but also from “creel” which
is a wicker basket usually used for carrying fish. We are passionate about living simply, being natural and feeling at home. Building a natural and non toxic straw bale home has set us on our path of living naturally.

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